Offering Plans

What is an Offering Plan? An offering plan is a printed document disclosing all the material aspects of a real estate project.  This complicated document is drafted by having the knowledge and specific expertise of what is required and in your best interest.  Knowing the road ahead as you are buying or selling property, and having the professional relationships to ensure your success are vital.  Marc Paley has that knowledge and expertise.

Between acquiring a property, setting up the financial project, and assessing your acquisition and construction loans, Marc will be there. The process is complicated, let him ease the burden with his vast knowledge and expertise.

Having professional relationships with several title companies, sales brokers, mortgage brokers, financial institutions, and even the Attorney General’s office, Marc knows how to succeed.  Marc will draft, submit, file and close your offering plan.  With a daily spreadsheet of contract information, contact connections, important dates, and closing details Marc makes it easy for you to stay on top of your project.

Buying and Selling Residential and Commercial Properties

The decision to buy or sell a property does not come easy.  The endless to-do list grows each day and Marc Paley understands.  Between finding the financing that is right for you and endless contract negotiations, Marc stands firm in having the knowledge and expertise to help you through the process. 

Marc’s performance of due diligence and his ability to close deals will ensure your success.

How can Marc help you? By managing your expectations, responding quickly to your immediate concerns, and having a personal relationship with you, Marc won’t let your deal die.   Marc is a Deal Maker, Not Breaker.


In banking, Marc represents various financial institutions including Bank of America, N.A. and Bank of Internet.  


When leasing, it is important to understand what goes into a commercial, office and residential lease.  You must understand the terms and provisions in your lease.  Between insurance clauses, taxation, and fine print, Marc will help you understand everything you need to know about your lease. 

Representation of Co-Op & Condo Boards

Construction companies, AIA Construction Contracts, Mortgages…Where do you start? Start with Marc Paley.   With a vast knowledge and expertise in co-ops and condos, Marc will represent YOU.  With Marc’s help on mortgages on the property, sales of individual units, and even day to day problems of the board, he can communicate with clarity and functionality helping you succeed.


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